Rates & Availability

Every job is unique.


There are often many different variables to factor in, depending on what you need from us and what we need for a project to happen.


So, once we’ve been fully briefed, we will quote you on a bespoke / individual basis.


Of course, if you’re visiting for a ‘ballpark’ quote, here’s a rough guide to our rates:


  • Gardening talks, workshops and presentations from £200 per full day 10am-5pm (for short local 'gardening club' talks - Cheshire/Wirral/Staffordshire/Greater Manchester - £75 + travel expenses)

  • freelance Producing/Directing from £250 per day (+ costs of specialist camera / sound crew / kit and editing costs)

  • Horticultural consultancy from £150 per day

  • Garden consultations from £20 per hour

  • Horticultural Research and Advisory work from £20 per hour

  • Blogs from £50 per entry/post - negotiable by frequency, word and photo count etc.

  • Social Media Posts - please enquire via email or contact form

  • All other writing projects - please enquire via email or contact form

Travel expenses - Jobs within the UK are billed at 40p per mile, while billing for accommodation (if needed) will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand.




In general we won’t charge you if we can rearrange a photography shoot / talk / workshop / day of consultancy etc. for another time or, in all probability, another day. In this case, your 20% deposit will be transferred to the new date.


However, if a cancellation does need to happen for any other reason and isn’t rescheduled because our services aren’t required, the deposit won’t be refunded - unless agreed beforehand.


On a similar note, any additional costs that have been incurred will also have to be met.


In general we require two full calender week's notice (14 days) to cancel projects.



Use of footage / images / showreels / promos

We’re incredibly proud of and excited by the work we do - including promoting that work.


However, only after you, the client, release that work, and we have discussed its use, will we publish it in any capacity.


Normally we do reserve the right, however, to use any footage, photos, graphics, re-branding projects, photo spreads and articles and designs we take or make - for any project - for promotion; this can include the footage being used for a showreel or otherwise, to help promote flower powered media.


However if you’d like to speak to us if this might be problematic - before a project commences - we’d be more than happy to discuss and negotiate exclusivity, rights and ownership.

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